We offer leading-edge Video Interpretation services for the business houses and the individuals with a team of multi-lingual professionals.

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Web Conference Interpretation

Our Web Conference Interpretation Services offer the immediate assistance for their business meetings
or in person conversation.

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Our Real-Time Interpretation Services eliminate language barrier and help the company by providing two-way communication to the staff and the end-users.

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We have a team of specialists, trained, and licensed interpreters assisting with impeccable On-Demand Interpretation Services.

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Expert multilingual video & audio interpreters are available for you to hire an on-demand basis. No need to add an interpreter on your payroll or pay hefty fees for interpretation services. Simply call on our virtual interpreters join you remotely thru a teleconference as & when you need. We cover all major global languages.


How It Works?

Connect with us

Call or write to us with your video & phone interpretation needs. We can help you to understand how live virtual interpreters can make your work easy.

Schedule An Interpretation Session

Let us know the time, date & languages required or book sessions thru a simple calendar.

Conduct A Multilingual Meeting

Our virtual interpreters join in thru a simple online meeting tool over a smartphone, laptop or large screen monitor.

Who Can Use Live Interpreters?

We specialise in a number of industries including:

Medical & Healthcare

Healthcare and pharmaceutical companies have long relied on Live Virtual Interpreter for medical interpreting services. Our Medical interpreters ensure that the language is not a barrier to high-quality health care. They are extremely dedicated to making sure that patients understand their situations in order to make informed decisions.

Court & Legal Sector

Get fully trained professional multilingual interpreters to join the courtroom & legal proceedings thru video or audio teleconference. Take advantage of the one-stop-shop for all your interpretation needs. Over 35 language experts available for you to schedule a cost-effective interpretation session at your convenient time.

Housing Associations

Our multilingual interpreters know that Housing Associations have the responsibility to make sure that the right information is being communicated to their existing and future tenants. That is why Live Virtual Interpreter provides high-quality interpretation services for housing associations for a range of languages and cultures.

Local Government

Local government suppliers need to introduce innovation into their business to ensure a cost-effective, quality service is offered to residents. Our interpretation services guarantee proper communication in the most challenging multilingual environments like elections and emergency services to confidential government meetings & conferences.


“We needed a Virtual Interpreter for one of our international client. Live Virtual Interpreter completed this project in record time at a minimal cost. Excellent service!”

Diana Mitchell - SME, Business Owner

“We want to say thanks for all your help arranging the interpreting services for our corporate event. We are grateful for the speedy and smooth help you offered from start to end. It was excellent service all around. We will most definitely be coming to you again when we need help!”

Dr. Daniel Friman - Medical Officer

“Live Virtual Interpreter has always done a professional work for us. They always go well beyond what would be strictly required. It is always a pleasure to work with this expert team.”

Lisa Ambady - Legal Counsellor

“Thank you so much for your quality service. It was a big finance deal and the customer spoke no English. It was a tough situation, but has been dealt with fairly and professionally by your interpreter. Thanks!”

Simon Gibson - Acquisition Expert

Get a Live Interpreter for Any Language, Anywhere & Any Time.